Casing Loan. a homes loan is actually a specific sort of home loan. Money that a financial or standard bank gives at interest is in change to take subject for the borrower’s investment property.

13 november 2021

Casing Loan. a homes loan is actually a specific sort of home loan. Money that a financial or standard bank gives at interest is in change to take subject for the borrower’s investment property.

Hybrid Property Loan

In-principle Approval

Loan approval from home financing loan provider in line with the credit standing of borrower(s). This software should take place before an understanding is reached involving the homes consumer and seller. When an agreement are achieved, borrower(s) should continue with a real mortgage loan software. An In-principle acceptance is generally good for about per month and susceptible to the house or property valuation becoming greater or add up to the house purchase price.

Interest Calculation

The frequency that lenders estimate the outstanding balance on mortgage loans (for example. annually, month-to-month or everyday) is a vital consideration for investment and interest casing financial loans.

Interest-offset levels

Some savings have an account wherein funds placed into this profile will counterbalance the interest that you shell out on your houses financing quantum. For every dollar that you deposit into the account, the interest may be offset fully or by a fraction. For example, your price may offer your a merchant account that offsets 2/3 of the interest rate for profit you put in it. When you deposit S$100,000 inside membership, presuming the interest rate is 3percent and financing quantum is S$500,000 in the course of deposit, you’ll be paying rates of interest of 3per cent for S$400,000 and 1percent (1 – 2/3 of 3percent) for S$100,000. This type of accounts is beneficial if you have the means to access significant water resources but have no intention of using the resources to decrease your loan quantum.

Interest-only Housing Loan

Monthly installments comprise totally regarding the interest due on your mortgage to ensure the stability you owe isn’t reduced during phrase.

Page of Present (LO)

A binding agreement involving the borrower(s) while the mortgage lender expressing the terms of the property financing package.

Financing Quantum

The borrowed funds quantum or main could be the amount of money you obtain.

Financing Period

Mortgage period is the period of time you will try totally payback the loan.

Mortgage to Worth (LTV)

Financing to value are a percentage figure indicating how big is the homes mortgage on a property about their value. Hence, a residence value S$500,000 with a home loan of S$250,000 would have a loan to worth of 50percent. The most LTV that lenders can legally go up to in Singapore is actually 80per cent 75per cent (updated July 2018).

Lock-in course

How many years that you are linked with their loan provider. If you totally get your loan inside this period, you will see a complete redemption punishment that’s corresponding to a portion of the mortgage quantum. Lenders could also demand a penalty in making partial costs inside this years.


Home financing could be the cash that a bank or lender gives at interest in exchange when deciding to take name for the borrower’s home. The conveyance of subject gets gap upon full cost associated with loan.

Home Loan Servicing Ratio (MSR)

Financial Servicing Ratio try a term coined by MAS with respect to mortgage loans for HDB residential properties, which include HDB flats and Executive Condominiums (EC). MSR is the ratio for the debtor’s overall land loan instalments to gross monthly income, indicated as a share. MAS stipulates regarding a borrower’s MSR cannot meet or exceed 30%.

Solution to Purchase (OTP)

an appropriate document that homes merchant gives with the consumer in return for a sum of cash (commonly 1% associated with the decided cost for personal homes or $1,000 for HDB houses). The OTP gives the buyer the choice to invest in the house at an agreed price within a specific time-frame (typically 2 weeks).

Limited Redemption Punishment

Extent that mortgage lenders recharge, often a portion associated with the loan amount, if you decide to prepay the property loan within a particular time frame.

Installment Trip Construction Financing

A variety of home loan where you bring some slack towards paying of the interest or month-to-month instalment at particular durations throughout your mortgage period.



Payments which you make in addition to the month-to-month instalments.