Denise got placed under surveillance and her financial files had been subpoenaed.

23 november 2021

Denise got placed under surveillance and her financial files had been subpoenaed.

Bank information announced that more than the course of 6 months she have produced 21 money equaling $15,000 via west Union to men known as Robert Roy Gordon and a lady called Carol Cason, in accordance with court records.

“Robert Gordon was actually a guy from Jamaica. He had been considered to be an associate at work of Leo Cisneros,” prosecutor Rebecca Graham advised “Snapped.” “He did need a criminal history, therefore, straight away, that begun to tie people collectively.”

Detectives located a wiretap on Denise phone. Their reports revealed she had called a pager in the morning regarding the murder 52 era. The phone that returned the calls to their is one she got bought herself.

Authorities could actually keep track of the cell phone from outside Louis Davidson suite to a weeks Inn on the reverse side of Tampa Bay.

Witnesses at period Inn determined Robert Gordon and said he had discussed a bedroom with a white girl with blonde tresses. She got covered the bedroom under the woman real title, Susan coast.

Gordon and Shore had been in the company of another man and had checked-out in a hurry. They left several components of garments, which the resorts had been in control of.

On the list of clothing put aside was a blood-splattered couple of size 9 Voit shoes and a gray sweatshirt. Bloodstream and various other fibers found on the sweatshirt had been matched up to Louis Davidson, in accordance with documents.

“We could observe that on Jan. 24th, the afternoon ahead of the murder, Denise Davidson made use of this lady bank card at the Walmart behind this lady residence in Tampa and bought a set of proportions 9 Voit shoes and a gray sweatshirt that was of the same brand as one discovered in this hotel room,” Celona informed manufacturers.

Detectives traveled to Miami on Feb. 28 and detained Robert Gordon. He had been faced with first-degree kill into the loss of Dr. Louis Davidson, in accordance with documents.

Then, detectives visited the home of Carol Cason. She had been here with one called Tony Bowens. A fingerprint check shared Bowens’ genuine name had been Meryl McDonald, 47.

McDonald have a guarantee out for their arrest on medication fees and is used into guardianship. Cason accepted to obtaining money on part of McDonald but it ended up being sooner or later determined she have nothing to do with the kill.

Because of a papers mix-up, McDonald was launched before he could french teen male possibly be charged with murder. He escaped to nyc where he was apprehended seven months later, according to research by the Tampa Bay Times.

Through their unique wiretaps, police happened to be aware that Denise ended up being deciding on fleeing the united states. At 5 in the morning on March 4, 1994, the woman surveillance team noticed the lady likely to Tampa International Airport.

“They adhere their right to the airport, to the solution countertop and substitute line behind their as Denise purchases a one-way admission to Kingston, Jamaica,” Celona told manufacturers.

She got detained at that moment and charged with first-degree kill in the death of her husband.

In the meantime, tag Deasaro went along to Jamaica in which the guy questioned Leo Cisneros. Though Deasaro planned to arrest Cisneros on the spot, he was unable to protect an arrest warrant.

“One of the interesting items that the guy said to all of us ended up being, what can result easily said I delivered somebody here to conquer your up-and they just got overly enthusiastic?” Deasaro said.

Coast was apprehended in Jamaica and charged with first-degree murder. She was launched after agreeing to testify against the girl co-defendants, according to the Tampa Bay occasions.

Shore said she had befriended Gordon and McDonald after meeting all of them at Hialeah Park race Casino outside Miami. She knew nothing regarding the kill storyline but agreed to push these to Louis’ homes for $100.

Following the kill, she drove Gordon and McDonald back to the times Inn. Cisneros and Davidson later on satisfied all of them here, per documents.

Coast had the expenses against this lady paid down to accessory following reality, which is why she obtained probation, per documents.

Owing to coast statements, bodies had been at long last capable secure an arrest warrant for Leo Cisneros. However, by the point they got to Jamaica, he’d fled the country.

Detectives shortly discovered Denise have another reason for having the woman spouse slain. She had been expecting with Cisneros youngsters. There is furthermore a life insurance policy for $400,000.

On September 16, 1994, Denis Davidson got found guilty of first-degree kill and sentenced alive in prison, according to research by the Tampa Bay days.

Meryl McDonald and Robert Gordon were both discovered guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to demise, in accordance with the Tampa Bay period. They are presently on dying line in Florida.

Leo Cisneros still is facing a first-degree kill cost, however, his whereabouts stays unfamiliar to this day.

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