Hopefully these pointers replied the questions you have relating to packing and transport

18 november 2021

Hopefully these pointers replied the questions you have relating to packing and transport

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Box Kinds

Make use of a tough field. Copier papers box and the like aren’t recommended. Damage or loss does not happen frequently, but if it will, most commonly it is the result of a box becoming, outdated, weakened, insufficiently taped/strapped, and/or getting too heavy (over 40-lbs.).


In case your package weighs significantly more than 20-lbs, I encourage you use strapping tape (dietary fiber filament tape) to band the package in every three proportions. This will stop your container from bursting open in transit.

White Comic/Magazine Containers

Comic storing cardboard boxes, commonly referred to as ”small,” ”long,” or ”magazine” boxes are great for transport. These are typically white corrugated double-walled cartons with lids which happen to be designed for comic space and safe transport. If your comics are not already in comical boxes (latest, shippable situation), comical boxes can be obtained at the most comic guide shop. Tips for shipping comical bins

Brown Corrugated Cartons

If effectively packed, normal shipping cartons be as effective as as comic box for shipping.

Bagged or Unbagged

We take comics unbagged, bagged, or bagged and boarded. The way you send them are completely your own alternative. If comics tend to be unbagged, special care must be taken to stop the comics from being harmed during transportation because of changing when it comes to.


Possess some padding at edges and sides of your package to make sure that in the event the box try fell on a large part, the packaging is crushed not the comics.

Insurance Policies

We really do not reimburse insurance costs, however may want to ensure the package against reduction or scratches.

Transport Alternatives

Advised delivery solutions consist of postoffice, UPS floor, or FedEx crushed. Be sure to make use of the alternative you like and locate most convenient. These shippers create numerous containers to united states each week so that they know all of us well. As long as your parcel is actually precisely addressed, and firmly packed, any of these carriers has no trouble getting the items to united states.

Post-office Delivery Alternatives

  • PARCEL POST: Use for any printed product containing marketing.
  • MASS MEDIA POST: the most affordable postal price will be the ”Media email” speed which can be put only for courses, including artwork novels, trade paperbacks and hardbacks. Items that incorporate marketing and advertising you should never be eligible for mass media email. Practically all comics contain advertising and therefore shouldn’t be transported news mail.

Deliver Verification/Signature Necessary at Time of Distribution

If you are delivery a higher price whole lot, we recommend that you will get shipping verification. UPS and FedEx provide automatic shipping confirmation where you’ll choose their unique websites and see whenever your lot is brought to the destination. The post office will give you this specific service upon request a nominal charge.

Expense Protecting Suggestion

The expenses for delivery was dramatically less once you ship in one container, without in 2 or even more small box. The cost to send in more than one box is obviously greater than that for just one larger box. However, containers considering 20-lbs or higher must in great condition, sturdy, and sure with strapping tape around each measurement.

If Shipping One Or More Field

If shipping more than one box, quantity them ”1 of 3”, ”2 of 3”, ”3 of 3”, based the number of you happen to be delivery. Multiple cartons can occasionally show up on various weeks. Knowing the final amount of box in transit support eliminate dilemma.

The Transport Address

Lone Celebrity Comics 1800 Timberlake Drive Arlington, TX 76010

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